Managing Expectations: What you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT expect from your Cleaning Company….


1. Delivery:

Your cleaning company should deliver on what was laid out, and agreed upon, in the initial service agreement.

2. Consistency:

Your cleaning company should deliver the same level of service over the course of the agreement. While we are all human and are not perfect, with little exception, your cleaning service provider should consistently deliver the agreed upon services throughout the agreement -- and at the same quality level as in the beginning of the relationship.

3. Communication:

Your cleaning company should be available and ready to communicate with you when necessary. If there are requests, issues or changes, on the part of either partner to the relationship, these points should be communicated respectfully and then addressed promptly.


1. Miracles:

Your cleaning company cannot turn back the hands of time to reverse wear and tear on buildings. The illusion of a “brand new” look should be viewed as a bonus and not an expectation. As the old saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. Realistic expectations are key.

2. More Work for the Same Pay:

If tasks are not spelled out in the service agreement, your cleaning company should not be expected to perform these extra tasks without a re-evaluation and re-addressing of the pricing and structure of the agreement.

3. Perfection:

Mistakes are made. We are all human. From the high-powered executive, to the stay-at-home parent, to the individual cleaning your toilets, humans make mistakes. Within reason, the important thing to remember is that we learn from our mistakes and rectify the situation immediately. Over the course of time, your cleaning company should be able to be relied upon to offer a quality service, take the work seriously, and not make similar mistakes repeatedly…. otherwise alternative measures may be called for.

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