Dust Mites in your work space ... YUK!

What are dust mites:

Dust mites are related to spiders. They are wingless creatures with oval-shaped bodies that are not visible to the naked eye – which is probably just as well! In an office, dust mites may hide anywhere that there is dust. ….in carpets, furniture, and curtains, keyboards, equipment, etc.

These little critters can cause allergic responses in humans – such as wheezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy eyes and skin, rashes and hives, and breathing difficulties. The allergy is caused by a response to the proteins that dust mites carry, which means even dead mites can cause allergies and need to be removed.

How to reduce dust mites in the workplace:

  • Damp dusting

  • Mopping hard floors

  • Keeping surfaces clean

  • Vacuuming

  • Discarding items that gather dust – such as old papers

  • Maintaining air conditioning systems – such as keeping them clean, cleaning and replacing filters, and maintaining air ducts

  • Washing mats and rugs

  • Reducing the room humidity

How BG Cleaning (BGC) can help:

Even if there are no employees with allergies to dust mites in your workplace (which is unheard of these days), commercial cleaning is a good idea for general health and cleanliness. BGC will use our expertise and well-worn systems to remove microscopic particles of dust and other matter. We also have the k now how to ensure that floors and surfaces are hygienic.

In addition to hygiene and allergen control, keeping the workplace free of dust is also important for maintaining a professional environment and image, and is a sign that you really care about your premises and your workers.

Whether you use BGC (the best in town), or another cleaning service, be sure to have your workplace – regularly professionally cleaned to reduce the dust and dirt, and to help maintain the health of workers, clients and visitors.

Needless to say, commercial cleaning is the best way to combat dust mites and allergens, and BG Cleaning’s dedication to providing the best cleaning service means that your commercial space will be free of these unpleasant critters and looking its best.

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